The Ordering Process

How Does This Work? (and other frequent questions)

Ordering your Angel Acrylics keepsake is very easy.

While on our website you select the product (pendant or pocket knife) with our desired color of cremains inlay. Add that item to your cart and then you’ll be given a few simple options:

  1. If ordering a pendant, specify your choice of setting
  2. Specify if you’d like an inscription
  3. Provide the inscription text and select an available font

Once your order is placed we will send you a collection kit, please follow the directions and return the kit to us. In the kit we will include a ash receptacle for every item on the order. Once we receive your kit we will physically attach the receptacle to the corresponding mold per item. This is to ensure that your item’s information travels with your item through the entire process start to finish. In short, we guarantee that your ashes are in the proper item and sent home to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The inlays are a two-part acrylic compound, each hand made using our patented process.

They are extremely durable. Unlike similar glass options available, our cremain inlays are guaranteed not to crack, break or chip. Please note that they can be scratched by sharp or rough edges but not easily. This is why, for pocket knife owners, we recommend keeping your knife in a different pocket than your keys. 

This is an important question about a matter which we take very seriously. We employ a redundant process using both color and numerical labeling that travels with your ashes from the time we receive your collection kit until the time we mail the finished item to you. We guarantee the cremains in your custom piece are yours and only yours. 

Absolutely, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our products are a remembrance of cherished life, and as such, are created with the finest materials available to ensure they stand the test of time. In the unlikely event that an item is returned to us we will repair or replace any broken parts or issue a full refund.

We recommend that you send the collection kit via USPS Priority Express.

Yes! Your first item is regular price, each additional item receives an automatic $20 discount. 

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