Cherished Memories, Precious Keepsakes

Turn your beloved pet’s ashes into a treasured memento.

Beautiful pendants and handy pocket knives, each with a lustrous, hand made acrylic inlay containing a small amount of your beloved pet’s ashes, that memorialize your best friend and favored companion for a lifetime.

Our process uses the strongest materials available to create custom keepsakes that will stand the test of time.

With each custom order we fulfill we offer a portion of the proceeds to help other pets receive the quality care they need but their families might not be able to afford. Read more about this program, and how you can be a part of it, on our Angel Funds page.

Our patent pending process used to create these fine pieces is the result of extensive testing and research using many potential compounds. The initial idea to use glass was eliminated when it proved too fragile. Various resins proved stronger than glass but would scratch, crack, chip and even discolor with normal use over time. Ultimately we chose acrylic as the perfect medium; it is extremely strong, is highly resistant to cracks, chips and scratches, and retains its clear, glassy luster with only minimal care. Angel Acrylic products are designed with the beauty of a fine ornament plus the durability to be used or worn daily.

Our Products

Pendant with Inlaid Cremains


Blue Pocket Knife

Pocket Knife with Inlaid Cremains

We support pets in need.

$25.00 from every product purchased goes to an Angel Fund for your veterinarian’s clinic to help a family in a hardship situation.