• Angel Acrylics Pocket Knives with Cremain Inlays

Pocket Knife with Custom Red Handle

This rugged pocket knife contains ashes encased in shiny acrylic, a treasured memento meant to be carried with you.

The knife is 5.5’’ long when opened and 3’’ long when closed; a true ‘’pocket’’ knife which fits comfortably in your pocket. The blade is made of a high-quality Damascus steel. It arrives sharp enough to shave with and will keep its fine edge for a long time. The blade is attached to a stainless steel body which contains the hand made, custom red inlay containing a small amount of your loved one’s cremains. The inlay is available in six color options.

Pocket Knife in Gift Box

Pocket Knife in Gift Box

Protecting Your Knife

The knife, and the acrylic handle piece, are made of very strong materials and guaranteed not to crack, break or chip for many years of reliable use. The acrylic handle piece is highly scratch resistant in normal use. To preserve the lustrous finish we recommend not keeping it in the same pocket as your keys.

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