• Angel Acrylics Metal Pendants with Cremain Inlays

Metal Pendant with Teal Cremains Inlay

The luminous teal acrylic inlay in this pendant contains a small amount of your loved one’s ashes, a treasured reminder of a friend who will always be near your heart.

Pendant settings are available in 925 sterling silver, gold or rose gold. The back of each pendant can be engraved with a name in several available fonts.

Pendant in Gift Box

Pendant in Gift Box

Pendants are slightly over one inch in diameter, approximately the size of a quarter. Chain is not included.

Wearing your pendant every day will keep the metal surface polished. Store your pendant carefully to avoid minor scuffs or scratches. If scratches do occur use jewelry polish to restore it back to its original luster.

Acrylic Color



Sterling Silver, Gold, Rose Gold


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